By tomheiber 07/03/2023

HeitechSoft's Falcon-7B Fine-Tuned Model Paves the Way for Advanced AI Chatbots

Heitech Software Solutions (HeitechSoft) has achieved a major milestone with the publishing of their first AI model, finely tuned based on the Falcon-7B foundation model and the Stanford Alpaca dataset. This model marks an important step in HeitechSoft's roadmap towards offering AI-driven support and sales chatbots as a service to clients. ...Read more

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By tomheiber 06/20/2023

Demystifying Hyperparameters: Fine-tuning the Power of Large Language Models (LLM’s)

Explore the world of large language models (LLMs) and their optimization in Heitech Software Solutions' latest e-book, "Demystifying Hyperparameters: Fine-tuning the Power of Large Language Models". This comprehensive guide unpacks the essentials of tuning hyperparameters, providing detailed insights on key parameters like 'Learning Rate', 'Batch Size', 'Dropout Rate', and more. An invaluable resource for both budding and experienced AI enthusiasts, this e-book empowers you to effectively tailor your AI models for optimal performance. Learn more and download your copy today....Read more

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By tomheiber 05/24/2023

Unlocking the Power of AI on Consumer Hardware - State of Local AI, May 2023

The post explores the power and limitations of using local AI models on consumer-grade hardware, focusing on the capabilities of various open-source models, the significance of model size and context size, and the importance of maintaining AI neutrality. It concludes by outlining future plans for model fine-tuning, memory storage integration, and the exploration of text-to-speech models....Read more

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By tomheiber 05/03/2023

Introducing AIdeaBox Mark 1: "Adam" - Our Powerful AI Workstation to Empower Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Heitech Software Solutions proudly introduces AIdeaBox Mark 1, aka "Adam", a powerful AI workstation designed to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses. Equipped with a cutting-edge components, Adam is set to revolutionize the way businesses harness AI technology. Explore the advanced features of this state-of-the-art workstation in our latest blog post and join us on this exciting journey as we redefine what's possible for businesses of all sizes....Read more

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