Digital Accessibility Services

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Stay accessible and compliant.

Deliver an inclusive digital experience with Heitech.

Heitech keeps your company compliant with new digital accessibility regulations through comprehensive reviews and development services that focus on creating accessible digital experiences.


Does your website meet North American standards in accessibility?

We help you avoid penalties by removing barriers.

Steer clear of legal risks while optimizing usability. Our team of web designers and developers ensure compliance while updating the look and feel of your most valuable marketing tool—your website.

Our Services

  • Accessibility

    Not sure where to start? Our compliance specialists will conduct a full assessment of your website or mobile app using our state-of-the-art accessibility testing platform.

  • Cross-Platform

    We create barrier-free digital experiences across a wide range of platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, custom web solutions, and more.

  • Web

    Create a beautiful website that optimizes conversions while adhering to accessibility guidelines. Drive the most value out of your website with a flawless user experience.

  • Expert

    Our experts will reference your organization's specific accessibility requirements, if you have any, and provide a detailed error report and remediation plan.

  • Optimizing
    Business Processes

    Improve the way you operate internally and externally. Our team of software developers can enhance both productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Software

    We make digital accessibility scalable and sustainable. Future-proof your business with custom software development that meets your exact needs.

  • Quality

    Our accessibility QA teams will verify your user journeys to ensure that both compliance standards and customer expectations are satisfied.

  • Ongoing

    We believe in long-term partnerships. Consider our accessibility developers part of your team. Get the expert advice you need when you need it.

The Heitech approach to accessibility

Heitech is made of software developers, project managers, web designers, business strategists, and quality assurance specialists. We love building exceptional customer experiences, and our digital accessibility services make that possible.
  • Comprehensive Assessment

    Know where you stand. We run your website through our automated accessibility test. Consult with our experts to walk through your custom remediation plan.

  • Remediation

    Fix the problem. Our detail-oriented team of designers and developers ensures a seamless experience across platforms and assistive devices.

  • Quality

    Test and make sure. Our QA specialists will test your website across operating systems and devices. Fulfill guidelines and enhance usability with our diverse skill sets.

Stay compliant with changing regulations.

Start your journey to digital accessibility today.

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Digital Accessibility

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Looking for a risk-free environment to demonstrate functionality? Heitech lets you test the limits of a breakthrough concept, validate your vision, and move forward with confidence.